About Us

TMP is founded in 2005. As a subsidiary of TMS International B.V., we are experts in the manufacturing process of all kinds of paper products as (Greeting Cards, Giftbags & Giftboxes, 3D Lenticular, and Stationery). Our customers are located in over 40 different countries and every year, TMP manufactures over 80 million products a year.

From large quantity OEM orders to high-quality specialized products. Our production facilities in China and Europe are well equipped to handle the high quality and sustainability standards of our philosophy. We striving to maintain and extend the newest production techniques.

TMP heavily invested in 3D lenticular printing, besides other techniques that require complexity, such as embossing, cold foiling on multiple materials and textures, die-cutting, etc. We control our supply chain under one roof, meaning we have the ability to be in charge of all processes, from producing, quality testing, to distributing.

TMP wants to offer you risk-free and trustworthy services, as an extra colleague of your organization. That’s why our team in China and the Netherlands keep close-knit contact on the daily basis to maintain the consistency of our top-notch performance. Clients believe in TMP due to our long-term partnership and reliable quality. At TMP, printing on paper is our passion!

Join our sustainability journey

Environmental-friendly resource

TMP is on a mission to save the world from deforestation and pollution. Products from TMS  are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Our paper materials are sourced from socially responsible and well-managed forests to ensure the smallest possible environmental footprint. Additionally, 90% of used papers from the TMS headquarters in the Netherlands are recycled and reused responsibly.

Employee welfare priority

The welfare of our employees is one of our top priorities. Under the SedEx and Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) Code of Conduct, we create an ethical business environment and preside over our employees’ welfare. We treat all our employees equally, leveling out the differences in nationality, gender, and religion, etc.

Non-stop effort on material improvement

We aim to align product improvement with new innovative techniques to decrease our carbon footprint even further. We are all well aware of the current plastic waste crisis nowadays and with this, in mind, our R&D team is constantly searching for new alternatives to plastic materials. We encourage our clients to opt for biodegradable cellophane, recycled paper, and reductions in plastic packaging. We always recommend that our clients join us on the sustainability journey and do the least harm possible to the environment and society.

Product development

We strive to develop innovative and effective ways to stimulate the recycling of materials and reducing plastic waste. The production of greeting cards with separate applications is one such example. We focus on using high-quality products that keep their value for a longer period and at the same time are highly recyclable. For instance, our non-cello packing techniques with special-design paper sleeves and kraft paper material are having higher attention than the traditional single-use plastic cellos

Our certifications related to sustainability and quality control are available upon request. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information at info@tmpinternational.nl.

Why us

Certified high-quality products

Our high standard printing manufacturers are equipped with state of art printing machines, operated by European standards,  and certified by ISO9001, FSC, and SEDEX.

Speed and Flexibility

To save your precious time and money investment, we can provide you all in one service -from sampling, manufacturing, quality control to shipment. Besides, we are always ready to customize the products finishing the way you like them to be.

risk avoid solution

To create reliability, stability and avoid risk, we built a Chinese production service team located in both China and Europe. Which provides a better communication, better quality control,  resulted in higher customer satisfaction

Our companies

TMS is founded in 1993 and specialized in developing paper products like Greeting Cards, Giftbags & Giftboxes,3D Lenticular, and Stationery.

Through well-known names in the toy industry, confectionery suppliers and home deco, our designs are found on all kind of products: puzzles, chocolate packaging, coasters, key-rings, plush, stationery.

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Founded in 2005 in China, TMP (Tailor-Made Productions International B.V.) is specialized in paper, cardboard, and PET printing. 

At TMP International you have direct access to our manufacturing power in China and Europe but without all the energy and time investment.

We take full control of your entire production. You supply us with the designs and we take care of the manufacturing, packaging, quality control, and shipment. We have our own QC team and showroom offices in Wenzhou and Guangzhou. 

TMP values competitive pricing and excellent quality, we are a reliable business partner with a solid reputation and strong business presence worldwide.

Please find out what TMP International can do for you.

With our international team of talented designers, we launch over 800 new designs each year. We have a huge archive of all kind of designs, suitable for many occasions and various products. Furthermore, our design team can also design especially for you, tailor-made. 

Our designs are suitable for various products, when not manufactured by ourselves, we also license.

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